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I know you are visiting here because you are looking for solutions in gaining more time along with wanting to outsource some of your to-do's, so I won't bore you with any unnessary introduction.  I want to get straight to the point!

You maybe looking for a solution today, tomorrow, next week or next month and you want it to be managed without fuss or with a helishly expensive price tag associated with it.

You maybe also be wanting a professional and experienced personal concierge who has been in the business longer than any new start up.

And just by chance, you are needing things to be discrete, reliable, timely and delivered with eye to detail and to also have reassurance the service is supported with security checks providing you with peace of mind everything is being taken care of not only in a service you will receive but in the quality and authority check lists you deserve.

  • Your task is a priority that can not wait.  No problem!  We've got the go2 for that!
  • Your errand requires personal handling with care.  OK!  We've got the gloves on!
  • Your time away from home will be lengthy.  We've got the time you're looking for!

Our number is 1300 037 726        It's 1300 0 ERRANDS

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I look forward to providing you with more time.

X Maree

HOLD THE PHONE ... placing calls you don't have time to do yourself just got easier

With placing phone calls you know are needed and are important but you don't have time to do yourself can keep you from moving forward in getting things done and I'm not just referring to business calls.  I'm referring to personal call needs too.

You know the phone calls.  The calls to obtain quote comparisons for insurances and the calls to update insurance policy details and the calls to utility service providers that can keep you on the phone waiting in a que to be answered.

All these calls and most probably more on your personal to-do calls lists can be outsourced and managed professionaly.  You just need to release your inner control freak ways and handover your calls.

With My Go 2 Girl/My Telemarketing Girl taking care of all these personal calls on your behalf and with holding a police security check certificate and customer release authority form you can have peace of mind knowing your personal details are managed confidentially.

Over 8 years outbound and inbound call service experience.

Professional with customer services and knowing the right questions to ask and how to challenge insurance providers and the like that will work to your advantage in saving you money.

What's not to like?  Keep your time free to focus on what really matters.

Do you have time for annual leave? | If you're an Aussie apparently you don't.

As quoted from The Today show ... 'If you find you are spending too much time at work and deserve more time off, you might be right.  A new study reveals Aussies are working a whopping 480 million extra hours every year!' OMG!

On average, Aussies are taking 20 days of annual leave each year, but of course it differs from person to person, but in fact, Aussies are only taking 15 days of annual leave with a lose of 5 days per year.  Not happy Jan moment, hey?!

So what this shows is a battle in work-life-balance.

While there are plenty of options available in getting back some me time when wanting to take a break and get away, there are always still things left to be done when it comes to the procedures required in running your day-to-day errands, in living, in business, around the home or for your pets when you are gone.  Who do you call on for this?

Most likely you call on a family member, neighbour or friend.  While this is fine and convenient, how far will they take the responsibilities in caring for things during your absence and how much are they willing to give during this time?

They may want to take a weekend away from housesitting for you or spend a night at a friends for company.  Meanwhile your residence or place of work (because you are the boss and the only one with the office key) has lost power and all items in the fridge are ruined which has left a smell to high heaven, the parcel you had been waiting on for delivery now needs to be collected from the post office and requires your authorised signature, nothing has been professionally cleaned and awaits your return ... ugh ...and surprise surprise you've had a fantastic win in lotto and the cheque is waiting to be deposited into your account. Real life issues here.  It's happened to a client BEFORE they engaged our services.

Now, who do you call on for this?

These situations and many more unexpected events happen, but not for our customers.  They are smart.  They are savvy.  They outsource their to-do's to us.  We are their home and business concierge service.

We are more affordable than you may realise.  What price will you put on your me-time, your peace of mind and your important matters next time you are considering time out?

We are always here to help.  If it's an overnight or over an extended period of time we have the time and the team to help.  We have a longer contact list than any little black book and our contacts have been tried and tested to ensure they fit within the professional standards required to be suitable for our customers.

Give us a call.  We love to help.  We also love seeing you smile!

PH: 1300 037 726   EMAIL:

Latest on our blog | The things we want but never ask for.

Recently we had pleasure in meeting with a corporate client who had been on our 'hit list' for just on 5 months (cue applause now) and from that meeting we learnt so much from the questions we wern't asking.  Our conversations were with focus on what we already knew, what we already could provide solutions in and what we identified to be a great win-win for all.

However, as our conversations continued there were more 'wants' being identified and that lead us to take things further for negotiations.  We haven't received no for an answer, we received a maybe with BELLS on!

I'm sharing this with you becuase I imagine that in both ones personal and professional life there are always things you've wanted but have never asked for in fear of rejection.  That's when we have to put our big girl/boy pants on, stand up, be heard and make some noise.  That's gentle, easy and respectful noise.

I'll refer to #girlboss as so powerfully used right now out in social media land and the world of hash tagging, or for the men I'll use #boyboss.  This my friends is where you need to get what it is you want by asking for it, that being the #girlboss #boyboss you need to be.

Take your #lifestyle, relationship or work what is missing because you haven't asked for it?  What's going to hurt more, the not asking for 'it' or hearing no?

It's time to kick the fear, #livelife the way you want to live it and don't take maybe for an answer.  Keep going for what really matters.  Your happeniness depends on it and at the end of the day your lifestyle choices will have you focusing on the prize and reaping the rewards.

Live. your. life. people.

New on our blog today | Time changes things.

Have you often heard the saying ‘time changes things’, and wondered if only there was more time?

Time can change things, situations and circumstances but you have to make a change in achieving it, it being time.

Clients we serve who are longing for more time in either their professional life or personal, mostly start looking at what they are doing in the moment rather than looking at what they should be doing in the future.  We help them look differently when it comes to change and with the change they find more time.

I’ve always found forward planning and management to be key elements in achieving more time.  Once these key elements are practiced and repeated on a regular basis time management and work-life-balance become part of your ‘norm’ and you won’t ever be chasing your tail looking for more time.

So let’s look at changing the approach rather than fighting with wishing for change.  Time changes things where you allow things to change.  If you continue doing things the way they have been in trying to get things done without noticing results or a more productive and positive outcome, chances are what you are doing is not working and not allowing you to get where you need and want to be.

Here are some life hacks to help you get there

·      Make a difference and change something today

·      Make a small change in the way you think or do

·      Take action on it

·      Outsource something no matter how big or small and observe the change

·      Get creative and plan

·      Keep your eye on the prize

·      Be persistent and until you get no for an answer, keep on keeping on

Lifestyle Management | How to find the best balance.

With everything positive that is happening in your life at times there seems to be moments when time is never on your side, pushing you to challenge areas in your personal lifestyle living normality which throws you off balance and your lifestyle management is suffering.

Wouldn't it be a great to be free from guiltly thoughts (you know the ones, the little things that drive you nuts, the cluttered linen and kitchen cupboards where the doors don't close, the xmas list that keeps growing but you have no idea where to start and YES even the pilled up papers that you had planned to organise keep slapping you in the face with guilt every time they're in your visual radar) knowing all those tasks were managed and taken care of leaving you to focus on what really matters and to reclaim your thoughts onto HOW you can better spend your time?

Take a moment and dream ... 

In your day-day living you could have all things in order with no stress.  Your day is filled with calm and the energy you gain in positive thinking resinates into a more productive and relaxed lifestyle, giving you the quality lifestyle management you deserve.

Life is having the dreams you make and moving those dreams into reality starts with you and how much you want to change to achieve better.

Lets start with listing your guilty thoughts and plan of action.

With making a list and ticking each task off as completed will provide you with a sence of satisfaction.  You just need to be sure to take action on them.  Have a partner or friend check in with you each week so that you can share your achievements and they will also help make you accountable for them.

  • Time is never on your side - set an alarm as a reminder (anytime of the day/night that best fits in around your schedule) and put 15 minutes into one pressing task.  You'll be amazed at what can be achieved!
  • Cluttered linen and/or kitchen cupboards - clear out an entire shelf/drawer and only replace what has been used over the past month/season.  All remaining items can be bagged/boxed and taken straight out to your car for drop off when passing the next lifeline store. (DON'T let it sit for days, action it!)
  • Xmas list for gifts - get some gift ideas from visiting your loved ones/family and friends Facebook page.  Take a look at their recent page likes.  There is sure to be some great gift ideas you can pull on!  Also, listen more.  Many times in conversation you'll hear them say how much they liked something or enjoyed visiting somewhere.  The clues are there to be heard!
  • Pilled up papers - clear them OFF the dinning room table or floor.  You'll need to clear an area to work in.  Start with a small pile and work your way through it - allocating piles and giving priority to important papers such as paid bills or unpaid bills, insurance papers etc.  Then labell each pile with a coloured post it note to be filed.  Allow 15 minutes each visit and be sure to shred unwanted papers immediately.

You will start feeling like a weight has lifted and all positive thoughts are flowing back.  Your lifestyle habits will be the 'norm' and day-day living will be a well managed and organised life.

Be sure to reward yourself no matter how big or small.  Just be sure the reward contributes to having the best balance in your lifestyle management.

Maree Brodie, Director, Personal Concierge and Lifestyle Management Coach/Organiser.