Lifestyle Management | How to find the best balance.

With everything positive that is happening in your life at times there seems to be moments when time is never on your side, pushing you to challenge areas in your personal lifestyle living normality which throws you off balance and your lifestyle management is suffering.

Wouldn't it be a great to be free from guiltly thoughts (you know the ones, the little things that drive you nuts, the cluttered linen and kitchen cupboards where the doors don't close, the xmas list that keeps growing but you have no idea where to start and YES even the pilled up papers that you had planned to organise keep slapping you in the face with guilt every time they're in your visual radar) knowing all those tasks were managed and taken care of leaving you to focus on what really matters and to reclaim your thoughts onto HOW you can better spend your time?

Take a moment and dream ... 

In your day-day living you could have all things in order with no stress.  Your day is filled with calm and the energy you gain in positive thinking resinates into a more productive and relaxed lifestyle, giving you the quality lifestyle management you deserve.

Life is having the dreams you make and moving those dreams into reality starts with you and how much you want to change to achieve better.

Lets start with listing your guilty thoughts and plan of action.

With making a list and ticking each task off as completed will provide you with a sence of satisfaction.  You just need to be sure to take action on them.  Have a partner or friend check in with you each week so that you can share your achievements and they will also help make you accountable for them.

  • Time is never on your side - set an alarm as a reminder (anytime of the day/night that best fits in around your schedule) and put 15 minutes into one pressing task.  You'll be amazed at what can be achieved!
  • Cluttered linen and/or kitchen cupboards - clear out an entire shelf/drawer and only replace what has been used over the past month/season.  All remaining items can be bagged/boxed and taken straight out to your car for drop off when passing the next lifeline store. (DON'T let it sit for days, action it!)
  • Xmas list for gifts - get some gift ideas from visiting your loved ones/family and friends Facebook page.  Take a look at their recent page likes.  There is sure to be some great gift ideas you can pull on!  Also, listen more.  Many times in conversation you'll hear them say how much they liked something or enjoyed visiting somewhere.  The clues are there to be heard!
  • Pilled up papers - clear them OFF the dinning room table or floor.  You'll need to clear an area to work in.  Start with a small pile and work your way through it - allocating piles and giving priority to important papers such as paid bills or unpaid bills, insurance papers etc.  Then labell each pile with a coloured post it note to be filed.  Allow 15 minutes each visit and be sure to shred unwanted papers immediately.

You will start feeling like a weight has lifted and all positive thoughts are flowing back.  Your lifestyle habits will be the 'norm' and day-day living will be a well managed and organised life.

Be sure to reward yourself no matter how big or small.  Just be sure the reward contributes to having the best balance in your lifestyle management.

Maree Brodie, Director, Personal Concierge and Lifestyle Management Coach/Organiser.