Latest on our blog | The things we want but never ask for.

Recently we had pleasure in meeting with a corporate client who had been on our 'hit list' for just on 5 months (cue applause now) and from that meeting we learnt so much from the questions we wern't asking.  Our conversations were with focus on what we already knew, what we already could provide solutions in and what we identified to be a great win-win for all.

However, as our conversations continued there were more 'wants' being identified and that lead us to take things further for negotiations.  We haven't received no for an answer, we received a maybe with BELLS on!

I'm sharing this with you becuase I imagine that in both ones personal and professional life there are always things you've wanted but have never asked for in fear of rejection.  That's when we have to put our big girl/boy pants on, stand up, be heard and make some noise.  That's gentle, easy and respectful noise.

I'll refer to #girlboss as so powerfully used right now out in social media land and the world of hash tagging, or for the men I'll use #boyboss.  This my friends is where you need to get what it is you want by asking for it, that being the #girlboss #boyboss you need to be.

Take your #lifestyle, relationship or work what is missing because you haven't asked for it?  What's going to hurt more, the not asking for 'it' or hearing no?

It's time to kick the fear, #livelife the way you want to live it and don't take maybe for an answer.  Keep going for what really matters.  Your happeniness depends on it and at the end of the day your lifestyle choices will have you focusing on the prize and reaping the rewards.

Live. your. life. people.