Moving house and staying calm.

You can get all hot-headed and maybe even throw some tantrums of frustration when it comes to moving house and relocating, but what's the point in that?  No one is going to co-operate while there is tension in the air and your frustrations will only worsen if you allow them to reach that point.

Relocation requires a cool head, forward planning and lots of boxes!  How the groundwork in planning is managed will be what really makes for a smooth transition in moving house and staying calm.

In the words of Sir Richard Branson ‘Don’t let emotions influence the decision’ we feel sets the tone for any task that requires groundwork.

Our best advice is to plan your thinking process without emotion and let the simple tasks begin.  This can be achieved with packing items into a box each night.  Small amounts add up, so every little effort you put in will reduce the overwhelming amount of ‘stuff’ going on within your emotions on needing to relocate and move house.

If you find you need help with sourcing a removalist, packing or de-cluttering so that you can remain calm and free from the stresses in relocating, give us a call.

Outsourcing to a Personal Concierge will be the key to achieving your needs.