Savvy Business Women | Managing Time

With the New Year well into swing we've invited a few of our favourite savvy busy women and friends of My Go 2 Girl, to share their top 3 tips in managing time.

First up, we have the talented Rosanna Castellana, Principle/Owner of Promenade Dance Studio, Brisbane, where at the very young age of 3 studied many facets of dance and continued her passion then into teaching and establishing her business where many students have gone onto professional dance careers.  Rosanna’s dedication to hard work in managing her time and the time of hundreds of students for over 30 years has proven to be exceptional within her industry.

What do you find to be the most time saving gadget?

For now my iPhone, I make use of my time when waiting at appointments or somewhere on the go, answering emails or social media responses.  It helps to be up to date with mail and messages and not have backlog when I eventually arrive back into the office.

What do you find helps you to wind down after a big day?

Laying on my black leather feather down lounge, it’s worn into my body shape and calls my name as I enter the door!!  That, followed by a nice cup of tea handed to me as I head in that direction certainly helps.  I manage to watch a small amount of TV, the reason being I am out cold before the first ad hits the screen.

What has been the best thing you have outsourced to help save some time?

As the business has grown the general building and garden maintenance has been outsourced, as has the cleaning of the premises.

Time is such a rich asset I value the convenience and dependability of being able to call on My Go 2 girl, especially on a Sunday when I desperately needed flowers sourced and delivered to an important function.