Gen Y | VIP Experience

Working long hours in secured well paid jobs, and with a puppy to cuddle and play when they arrive home to their studio apartment, great location to cafe’, restaurants and transport, a gym membership, planning their next overseas holiday and the NEEDED local donut shop for late night snacks are necessities Gen Y requires for their content and happy lifestyle, right?

But what happens when it comes to all those little tasks (your know the ones) - purchasing gifts for family, collecting items from the post office, unpacking grocery deliveries, walking the pup, feeding the pup, cleaning the apartment AND collecting that dry cleaning that’s been overlooked for the past fortnight?

These all require time and take time away from their busy professions and social life, so it’s no wonder they are creating the demand in needing a VIP experience.  And well, heck – they so deserve it!  They are our future!

This is where our Personalised Concierge services have recently become in demand and we’re enjoying seeing the excitement on their faces in handing over those tasks allowing them to lead the chosen lifestyle they desire.