Organised Living | Routine, systems and a partner who accepts your OCD tendencies.

Almost every couple would have experienced the initial drama in getting things organised around the home to enable them both the means in having a comfortable living environment that they can come home to each night kick off their shoes and feel relaxed.  But, with this initial setting up process there would have been one ‘key performer’ suggesting the how to go about it, where things should be placed and when it should all take place in getting done.

During that process was there a conversation in sharing how things would be maintained and kept in place for an ongoing and organised living lifestyle?

I can probably guess not!  Getting caught up in the hype of setting up home and the purchasing of new items does have its tendency to override the more mundane topic of routine, systems and who will be doing what.

This is where a partner who (not diagnosed OCD) or a rather softer title (likes things in order and isn’t content until things are) would step up and continue with the organised setting and their partner would accept them doing so, leaving them still kicking off their shoes as soon as they walk in the door.

If you’re the partner with ‘OCD tendencies’ and happy to be the one who continues to keep things in order, great!  Go with it and be happy because at the end of the day you have the routine and systems in place and it works for you.  Your partner obviously accepts your ways and it’s a relationship that works so why change what is already working!

However, if you find moments of frustration in getting your partner to change the little things that drive you up the wall (yep you know the ones, leaving shoes where they shouldn’t be left or worse when they put things away and cant find them then only then asking YOU where it is) then it’s time you introduced them to the three steps in being more organised.

1.     Practise, routine and repeat

2.     Everything has a place, and a place for everything

3.     You’re excited by order and order excites you!