Stay at home pets | It's all in a days work!

A national pet census1 carried out by Ceva Animal Health, manufacturer of the leading veterinary behavior products ADAPTIL™ for dogs has revealed that more than 70% of pet owners leave their dog "home alone" when they are at work.

While just 5% of dog owners put their pets in day care, the vast majority (77%) prefers to leave their dogs alone for the majority of the working day.

Another surprising fact was the relatively small amount of pets with pet passports, however this may be due to more people taking pets on holidays, with more pet-friendly campsites and holiday homes now available.

A pet owner states ‘ I think stay at home pets are a frustration to the owners because the pets get bored and do things that are considered naughty, but it’s not their fault’.

So we know mostly all pet owners work and yes, they love their pets and the choices of a happy pet-owner relationship is to find balance in the two, with the most likely outcome being their pets time at home alone is more the outcome.  The playtime is most likely upon arrival home from working (upward of 8 -12 hour days) which was followed at a push, morning walk for 5-10minutes.

There are puppy day care facilities but owners find commuting to and from out of their route to be a push on time.

Solutions are available and we call it ‘puppy house visits’ where your pup or more aged dog can be walked and/or feed during the day to break up their boredom with distractions from getting into mischief, leaving them entertained and looking forward to the praise when their owners return home. 

Lets think about the benefits in having these services and the less stress on both pet and owners is sure to be a winner in leading towards a more relaxed and enjoyable lifestyle.

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