Losing control and longing to get it back. | Life is for living, not for longing thoughts.

While this subject is a little heavy for a Monday, it’s quite possible your heart sunk slightly seeing the clock tick away on your Sunday with lightening fast hands, knowing Monday morning was knocking at your door.  Don’t run away from it face it and manage it!

It’s never easy admitting to friends and family, let alone yourself, when you feel you’re losing control in keeping up with the weekly to-do’s or unexpected challenges which life throws at you.

Everyone is out having fun and seems to find the free time and your longing for it.  It’s never enjoyable continuing the same routine on things that never seem to change.  Living in hope feels like living with a heavy load and it just feels too dam hard to get out of the rat race of it all.

You can continue living this way putting on your ‘I’m in control face’ and run away from the problems OR you can be truthful to yourself, face it and learn how to manage it. 

Here are some ‘home truths’ that are frequently heard from people living with longing thoughts or losing control of their weekly to-do’s:

  • It will pass and things will improve in time …

The thing with time is that there are still only 24 hours in a day and if you are unable to know how to manage your time better then chances are it’s not going to improve.  Start identifying when these thoughts cloud your week and you will be surprised at the amount of time is consumed in thoughts, rather than actions.

  •  Things will be better next week …

You’re at another week that was brushed off with putting things aside for that ‘one day I’ll get to that’ thinking, and nothing has changed.  You’re back where you started and your to-do lists have only gotten bigger with now, a more needing sense of urgency.

  •  Where can I ask for help …

You’ve had the back and forth battle games with yourself in trying to get it all done, trying to look in control and trying to keep up with it all but unfortunately ‘it’s’ won and you have finally welcomed the thought of asking for help.  But where do you go to ask for help?  You don’t feel asking family or a friend is appropriate.

This change in thought has been a great achievement in thinking and you can now feel at peace knowing it’s ok to ask for help.  You can gain time, you can go out and have the fun while things are being taken care of, you can outsource at your leisure and you can be in full control while having time on our side and the relief in feeling life is for living, not so much doing!

We are here to help and we love to help.  It’s the personalised services you have wanted and finally there are solutions for your needs.

We are called Personal Concierge Assistants and Lifestyle Management Services.  Others often refer to us as their secret little helpers, behind the scenes getting things done.

We take on your to-do lists while keeping our clients confidentiality as our number one priority.

We’d love to help you.  We are ready to take your enquiry.