Gen Y, working a 55 hour week, has girlfriend a puppy AND is the son of a Personal Concierge.

Yep, I do it all and I want it all and I've learnt from the best, my mum!

Life has never been better BUT it comes at a price.  The price I pay in getting where I want to be both in career and relationship is totally worth it.  Knowing that at the end of it all I've put focus into what really matters and what matters for me is living life to its full potential and asking for help when it's needed.

Asking for help in getting things done while I'm working that allow me to have great weekends include:-
PO box collection
Food delivery unpacked, sorted and stocked in fridge.
Gift purchasing
Dry cleaning drop offs and pick ups
Pup walked

My business career is heading in the direction I want, my weekends are full of fun and leisure I enjoy, my girlfriend gets the attention she deserves and puppy (Ted), well he's still in training and that's a work in progress.

I've learnt from the best in the industry and that's my mum.  What I've learnt is to prioritise when things become to challenging.  I've also learnt to outsource what I don't have time for and to keep my 'eye on the prize' when it comes to setting life goals no matter what the cost, because at the end of all my hard work I'll get what I want and I'll enjoy the lifestyle I long for.

I manage to save 5 hours a week and yes I pay my mum!  I'm lucky she's around because not all Gen Y can have their mum help out but then again, they can.  It's called Personal Concierge Services.

Book your to-do lists in!  You'll love her as much as I do.

Ben :-)