5 Workday Time Hacks

When you think of your upcoming working week you should feel a sense of excitement that leads you to knowing a very productive week is about to be smashed out with satisfaction. 

Your mornings maybe the most hectic time of your day while making sure you arrive at work on time.  You find yourself trying to decide on what to wear, rushing to shower and seeing those remaining spare minutes, you’re procrastinating over putting something out for the evening meal.  But with some simple time hacks, you may be able to get a few of those precious minutes back.

You can thank me later.  O, OK then, you’re welcome!

Know your week and plan by priority.  Have an idea of what you require to wear and when.  Mondays may require a more corporate look while Wednesday is looking more relaxed.  Hang these items within your wardrobe in priority of your week.  Easy to see grab and go!

View your schedule Friday am and again Friday pm for the following week.  Where you can allow some me time (only if it's 15 minutes) lock it in.  This will free you up to re-zone, center and think!

Coffee and make it stat.  If you’re anything like me, I need a coffee BEFORE I can go get my coffee so this is why I have my coffee pre-ordered and paid for on my routinely drive Monday – Friday.  Forward planning is always key and where it can be taken advantage of, use it.  And by taking advantage I mean use the tools and contacts you have at the time and do what you can with utilizing them to save time where possible.  Coffee’s a priority, right?

Set a dollar value on your time.  Time management becomes easier if you know what an hour of your time is worth.  If your time is worth $200 an hour, it's useful to know the half hour you just spent on your personal to-do list or Facebook is worth $100.00.

Keep a time log so that you can see where your time is going and how time is being spent on some not so productive activities.

Perfection that consumes your time becomes a time waster.  Having things just right and being proud of them is great, I totally agree but when you find yourself being overwhelmed with the frustrations of trying to having it all perfect you know there’s an issue and it needs to be addressed.  Perfection is great, but when your time is being chewed up, its time to move on.  Allow yourself a time frame for each project and when time is up its time to move onto the other tasks.  Discipline wins and will provide you with more time where it is most needed.

If someone else can do it delegate.  You know what your time is worth, you have the choice and finances so use them.  Stop trying to be the 'doer' all the time and start being the delegator most of the time.

Reward where credit is due.  And that's not just for you.  Make it about others no matter how big or small.  Paying it forward will reward your heart, productivity, friendships, business growth AND me-time.