Work and travel | It's a dream life, right?

Working 6 months interstate and 6 months back home, it’s manageable right?

How’s the maintenance on housekeeping going?

That dust that has settled is becoming a surface for ‘tick-tac-toe’ drawings.

How is the car looking?

Another cobweb has weaved its home displaying its beauty all over your windscreen.

What’s that in the fridge?  O wait, its NOTHING!

The bed looks very inviting but no fresh bedsheets or linen await your snuggling into!

With working and living away from home life does have its challenges in maintaining comfort during your absence and that comfort needs to be managed regularly to upkeep the luxury and healthy lifestyle in the life you choose to live.

The first three things I’ve heard busy professionals long for on returning home from a business trip or holiday is their bathroom, bedroom and kitchen.  That first shower always seems to provide a totally relaxed body, with a hot beverage or choice and a slice of toast, crawling into your own freshly made bed is like sinking into a cloud of luxury.

So why would you want to arrive home to a dusty bathroom that requires cleaning, an empty fridge with no fresh milk or bread and a bed that is unmade?

Staying organised and planning ahead will help in keeping your busy life manageable.

1.     Schedule a cleaner the day before arriving home.  (key may have been left with a friend or family member for them to have access).

2.    Ask a neighbour, family or friend to turn your car over once a week to keep that engine and battery healthy.

3.    Order a grocery/food delivery to arrive on your return.

4.    Maybe, just maybe your mum can visit to make the bed and fluff some pillows!

If all this is out of reach from family, friends or neighbours to help you out, then you know you can call us.