The Personal Concierge Experience | What you can expect.

It’s time management on steroids where serious outcomes only to be experienced are to be believed.

It’s personal concierge assistance extraordinaire and that’s just the basic customer service engagement experience.

It’s not only for the ‘rich and famous’, (however, you’ll be left feeling like one) but for the everyday guy, girl, pet, business professional and retiree to all have the best of both worlds when it comes to balancing work and living life with quality and style.

Recently engaged clients who shared their concierge interviewing process when seeking a personal concierge for their needs, provided feedback on important key elements with relation to having someone take care of their to-do lists during their times away from home.  What was identified, was that the most reliable, honest, experienced and qualified concierge candidate would win the job.  Personality and fun also played a role but it was the journey they were taken through and what they felt while in consultation that proved to win them over.

‘Having interviewed three concierges, My Go 2 Girl’s service was the obvious one for us. No one else came close.’ T&C Woolley, Hendra, Qld.

Cost factor is never an issue when knowing time will be gained and finding easy solutions that can be called on not only provide peace of mind, but, that will provide tasks managed confidentially.

So, what you can expect from a Personal Concierge experience is customer service like no other, trustworthiness, reliability, care and security in knowing that everything will be perfectly managed, leaving you to adventure on any holiday no matter how big or small OR at any time outsource your to-do lists, no matter how big or small and having confidence with choices made and managed is what should be felt, leaving you with that warm and fuzzy feeling.