Finding time for friends and how it warms the heart.

When you miss spending quality time with friends it either leaves you feeling sad or disappointed.  Breaking the recurrence of it continually happening is up to you.

It's the simple jesters like a phone call, email, txt message, a surprise visit or writing a note to show your friends that they are being thought of is what truly warms the heart and can provide a sense of comfort in knowing there is always someone there to share your girlie chats with.

Finding time in your 'busy' schedules to reach out in extending love takes just minutes but it's those few minutes that will be cherished and remembered forever.  It's those few minutes that cost nothing but can be lost if not taken advantage of when needed.

Getting consumed in day-to-day life can leave some feeling lost and caught up in the busyness of stuff, so always always try and find some little time for friends no matter what time of the day or night.  Your message will always a be received with a smile.

What friend will you reach out to today?