The 10,3,2,1 ... GO for ME TIME.


Days prior to scheduling in some ME TIME have a plan in place.

Pencil a date and time in your diary.  This gives you a clear approach and will get you started with purpose and will boost focus on what you a really wanting to gain from the time you can allow.


Days until your ME TIME arrives check all schedules/appointments leading up to the ‘event’ are confirmed.  You are the organised professional and time is precious so don’t have others ‘over-look’ their commitment.  Remind them of it!


Days to GO erase the pencil in your diary and BIRO in your ME TIME.  Now its permanent!  Prepare what needs doing.  If this means putting in an extra hour of work, do it.  Nothing is stopping your ME TIME now!


Day and your excitement is kicking in.  Have all your personal items laid out the night before.  Check your ‘needed items’ are sorted and organised.  If this means you want to stay connected to social media, ensure all rechargeable equipment is charged.  If this means you are really kicking back and staying away from social media be sure to do a final little post.  Maybe this could be a post to say ‘going on ME TIME to find a new profile picture’, OR ‘going on ME TIME to soak up some vitamin D’. 


ME TIME has arrived and there’s no stopping you.  No need to hit the snooze button - today is the day!  Go and enjoy your well-earned time and keep reminding yourself, you have made this happen and it confirms there can be more of it - if you just try.