Do you have time for annual leave? | If you're an Aussie apparently you don't.

As quoted from The Today show ... 'If you find you are spending too much time at work and deserve more time off, you might be right.  A new study reveals Aussies are working a whopping 480 million extra hours every year!' OMG!

On average, Aussies are taking 20 days of annual leave each year, but of course it differs from person to person, but in fact, Aussies are only taking 15 days of annual leave with a lose of 5 days per year.  Not happy Jan moment, hey?!

So what this shows is a battle in work-life-balance.

While there are plenty of options available in getting back some me time when wanting to take a break and get away, there are always still things left to be done when it comes to the procedures required in running your day-to-day errands, in living, in business, around the home or for your pets when you are gone.  Who do you call on for this?

Most likely you call on a family member, neighbour or friend.  While this is fine and convenient, how far will they take the responsibilities in caring for things during your absence and how much are they willing to give during this time?

They may want to take a weekend away from housesitting for you or spend a night at a friends for company.  Meanwhile your residence or place of work (because you are the boss and the only one with the office key) has lost power and all items in the fridge are ruined which has left a smell to high heaven, the parcel you had been waiting on for delivery now needs to be collected from the post office and requires your authorised signature, nothing has been professionally cleaned and awaits your return ... ugh ...and surprise surprise you've had a fantastic win in lotto and the cheque is waiting to be deposited into your account. Real life issues here.  It's happened to a client BEFORE they engaged our services.

Now, who do you call on for this?

These situations and many more unexpected events happen, but not for our customers.  They are smart.  They are savvy.  They outsource their to-do's to us.  We are their home and business concierge service.

We are more affordable than you may realise.  What price will you put on your me-time, your peace of mind and your important matters next time you are considering time out?

We are always here to help.  If it's an overnight or over an extended period of time we have the time and the team to help.  We have a longer contact list than any little black book and our contacts have been tried and tested to ensure they fit within the professional standards required to be suitable for our customers.

We love to help.  We also love seeing you smile!