Personal Concierge Services You May Consider

At My Go 2 Girl we provide time in all areas of home management.  We identify your needs and work in with you to determine the best solutions in providing you and your family with an organised and managable routine that can be utilised through-out the year.

You may consider the DIY option OR the HANDOVER ALL option.  Your choice.  We are here to help.

Here are some examples you may consider from your Personal Concierge Services for your New Year, New You or on that next holiday or unexpected business trip away.

We housesit and pet sit for you.  You need to be places we get that.  You want all things back home cared for.  We do that too!

We organise and sort things so that everything has a place and there is a place for everything.  Take advantage of our professional organising skills that can save you time and space.

We know we are what we eat, right?  We have your fridge sorted and stock it full of all the goodness and freshness, so no need to worry about stopping for milk or fresh food on your way home.

You can email us

We look forward to helping you out. Xx Maree