It's not the size of the to-do list, its how you sort it.

The to-do lists.  To do or not to do, that is the question!

Gosh..... my recent reading material has entered the world of interesting language and matter of fact focabularly in reading bestselling author of Get Your Sh*t together, Sarah Knight.

My choice in reading material was decided when filling in a little time at Brisbane airport before my departing flight, and I knew I was looking for some inspirational reading to help pass the time and of course it had to be on organisational based outcomes.

So here I am, sitting back with opened book and there it is smaking me in the face AND I'm sure all others around could read it too!  In big bold print .... SH*T and other language that I will spare you details in.  (use your imagination here).

So, do I close the book up and pretend it wasn't there, OR do I not give a Sh*t and read on?  I read on!  And good thing I did because it sure did provide alot of enlightening objectives that inspired me and I couldn't wait to share these with you in my blog.

Referring back to my subtitle The to-do lists.  To do or not to do, that is the question came to me for a blog topic as it really provides options in the thinking process which then leads to knowing exactly what priorities, actions, responsibilities and most importantly what order should be approached in sorting a to-do lists.  I hope this helps you!

Most likley you'll have a list of all the to-do's to be done around the house.  So make that list of all the to-do's around the house in order of urgency.  Then, go on to make that same to-do list in order of what must be done around the house.  This list can also be for your upcoming business campaigns, your family commitments and more.  Utilise it to suit!

By breaking things down and giving priority and knowing what is important and what needs to be approached initially, this can give you more time.  It's just knowing how to sort it and how to approach it.

So next time you start compiling your to-do's follow those actions and see where you save time in procrastinating and actually getting an outcome.

You also know that if this is all too much for you right now, we are here to help.  Gives us a call.  You have a choice to outsource your to-do list.