10 Tasks Your Personal Concierge Can Do For Your Pet

This list is a guide in having errands attended to for your pet/s during your time at work or your time away enjoying that annual leave you have worked so hard for.  We are pet friendly.  We take the time and care in providing the love and attention they crave.  Now plan your day knowing your pet/s are happy.  Go, on!  We'll keep you updated with cute photos!

·      Cuddle

·      Empty kitty litter

·      Escort to groomers

·      Feeding

·      Playtime during your time away

·      Shopping for pet food/treats

·      Take pictures of those cute moments for your social media sharing

·      Visit doggie parks

·      Visit throughout the day (peace of mind visits)

·      Walking

"We have a 5 hour service package with My Go 2 Girl and we use this time in 15 minutes increments towards pet services when we need them.  We both work very long hours but want the best of both worlds.  Our life savers are these services'.

Jen and Chris, Brisbane