15 Tasks Your Personal Concierge Can Do For Retirees

This list and SO MUCH more can help support the lifestyle you deserve.  Hand over the keys and have peace of mind knowing we have our police security check certificate! 

·      Home Security Checks (during your time away)

·      Water Plants

·      Mail Collection

·      Mail Scanning

·      Bill Paying

·      Car Engine Turn Over

·      Wheelie Bin Set-Outs/In

·      Arrange Yard Maintenance

·      Arrange Cleaner

·      Arrange Tradie/Service Repair People

·      Await Deliveries

·      Be called on if you were to need items forwarded onto you during your time away

·      Arrange gifts/flowers for loved ones

·      Set up facebook and other social media platforms

·      Downsizing (de-clutter, sorting and organising)

Our client asked us to keep check over things during their 6 month stay away from home.  Plants were watered, cars were turned over, mail was opened, sorted and scanned and forgotten personal items were packaged and mailed to arrive just in time for their snow trekking adventure.  Fridge had died but all was well and good.  We had the keys and professional contacts.  They were thankful and relieved.

"Maree manages everything we need during our times away which allows us to take multiple visits to France each year.  We have a beautiful life and love knowing she is our go 2 girl'.

Anne and Roger, Greenslopes.  Brisbane.