New Year | Getting Back To Basics | 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR and what an exciting year 2018 is shaping up to be in the every-day living of being a Personal Concierge.  I'm excited to get back into the swing of helping clients, starting new ones and with my new years resolution (if that's your thing) is to listen more.  I find myself to be a very good listener, however I know it is something that can always be improved particularly when times get a little full and my head is full of stuff, so I'm working harder on this one this year.

Each New Year brings new thoughts, ideas, demands and some new commitments so I like to kick start them all in getting-back to basics and I like doing this by keeping things simple.  Stationery is one of them!  I LOVE stationery!

I utilise a yearly planner and without overcomplicating things everything I need to be organised for in achieving a more relaxed me I start adding a little colour.  I find it calming and energising.  Somehow the colour stimulates my creativity and gets me thinking a little sharper after a break away from working.  It also works very well on tired eyes and can be found at a glance.  (But being the professional organiser that I am, I ALWAYS know where it is and it has it's home and is always, always returned to its home after each use).

My new year planner - month to a page and some highlight pens are my number one go-2 items.

Each highlight pen is used for each of my specific bookings/catagories.  For example, BLUE is for meetings, PINK is for to-do's, ORANGE is for personal appointments, GREEN is for follow ups, PURPLE is for actioning client bookings and YELLOW is for family and friends.

At a glance I can determine what is coming up and what I can expect for that month.  While I still utilise my mobile phone for reminders and alerts I find the month to a page planner easier to view and it can be shared and put on display with those I wish to share it with.  They know what each colour represents and they utilise this as a time saver in not having to ask.  It's a win-win for all and it works!

My phone apps are good for that also, but again having a tacktile colourful planner adds some fun and simplicity in getting back to basics, not to mentioned I LOVE stationery.  Sorry, I already mentioned that but I do!!

I hope this little blog helps stimulate your creative juices for a new year.

Don't forget we are always here to help you out so give us a call.  You'll speak directly with me when you do call and I look forward to helping you organise a more relaxed 2018.