Getting things done has always been what Maree does best.


Maree is the 'go getter' in all things others find challenging.

My Go 2 Girl™ is one of Australia's leading personal concierge services enhancing quality and style for busy professionals, retirees and families.

From organising the every-day living to B2B marketing strategies, it's no surprise her talents have been recognised.  Even from a very young age Maree was always thanked for her customer service skills in attending to helping nearby neighbours in delivery of their mail from their letter box directly to their door.  

Her outstanding customer service, eye to detail and time management skills identified by previous employers who where found chanting from corridors as they saw Maree passing with a mission in mind - hearing them calling to her 'go-girl-go', was all Maree needed.  My Go 2 Girl™ was founded in 2008. 

'Acquaintances would find it astonishing that I would actually thrive on getting things organised for others.  I can honestly say I simply breath to please and love what I do.  Seeing others smile from a simple task I have helped them with is enough for me.  My passion and love for what I do only grows greater in giving to others in what I do best.  My dedication to work gets noticed and I just want the world to have what they deserve, and well, don't we all deserve a little extra time.' 

Setting the platform for the personal concierge industry where Maree was featured on Channel 10's news coverage for helping busy families and businesses outsource in 2011 and then again in 2012, it's no wonder business is booming.  Multiple features in the Courier Mail and local paper articles helped spread Maree's message.  Even industry followers requested her assistance in getting them started in their business career from Australia and America

Over the past 10 years, I’ve been running my own business focusing on attending to personal errands, including B2B marketing needs for my clients.  I’ve worked with clients locally and nationally, presently at home or during their travel and with businesses big and small and within different industries and stages of their lives.

Now I’m working with clients to help them create more time in their personal lives while also assisting them in generating more leads within their start up or long standing business.

My focus is on three things:

1  Customer service in personal assistance and helping you understand how your life and business can gain more time and grow, allowing you to live the life you deserve.

2  Assisting in having a clear understanding in why I do what I do and how I go about it.

3  Personal satisfaction.  Affordability and results guaranteed.

My Go 2 Girl™ is a Member of the Australasian Association of Professional Organisers Inc; has meet Manual Handling and Quality Health Service Standards and with Nationally Recognised Training has built a reputation on a quality and dependable service.

Why engage our services?

  • Your lifestyle depends on it. It’s time spent where time matters.

  • You’ll receive the VIP service you thought was only possible for the ‘rich and famous’.

  • You’ll be rewarded with time and peace of mind.

  • You’ll receive personalised customer service.

  • You’ll enjoy each experience and will never look back.

  • Your family, friends and colleagues will see a more relaxed you.

  • You’ll feel accomplished and most of all you’ll have a sense of achievement.

  • You’ll receive updated reports on outcomes.

  • Your privacy will be respected.

  • Your business will gain leads and grow.

  • You'll work with and meet our Director and Team Helpers.

  • You'll have comfort in knowing we are 100% Australian owned and staffed.

Nothing is more important than time well spent.

We've been in the business for over 10 years now, so we know a thing or two.

- we love what we do -

Our clients our raving – come and join the experience.